Revised Edition

by Josephine M Collingwood

  •  Revised Edition published February 2018
  •  978-1-9997405-1-1
  •  334pp with 718 photographs (1.4kg)
  •  Format: Paperback 240x220mm
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Have you ever gone for a walk on Dartmoor and wandered around aimlessly? Now, there is new book about Dartmoor with over 700 professional photographs and informative facts about each of Dartmoor’s tors. It shows the reader how nearly every tor on Dartmoor is surrounded by an astonishing abundance of fascinating features and history.


Dartmoor Tors Compendium differs from all before it in that it brings together the features and history around each tor and presents them as a compendium of information, illustrated with evocative images that only a photographer can capture.


  • First ever Dartmoor compendium combining professional photography and well-researched facts.
  • Covers Dartmoor’s geology, archaeology, history, mining and agricultural legacies.
  • Includes a map, drawings, 718 photographs and glossary.
  • Foreword by Dartmoor National Park Authority’s Chief Executive Kevin Bishop.
  • Gives GPS locations for special features hidden in the landscape.
Dartmoor Tors Compendium
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"To create an expansive guide to Dartmoor’s tors is an ambitious task, but one that UK photographer Josephine Collingwood has made a very good job of.  The book’s main triumph is how thorough Collingwood has been with her research and overall production of the book.  Her 700 or so photographs – which are a mixture of colour and B&W – celebrate Dartmoor’s iconic granite outcrops and are accompanied by detailed maps, drawings and an in-depth glossary.  GPS locations of particularly unique, often hidden, geological features will be of interest to those already familiar with the more well-known tors in the national park."

Anna Bonita Evans

Outdoor Photography Magazine

"Like yourself I am passionate about Dartmoor and visit to photograph it as often as i can. This weekend i visited Haytor visitors centre and purchased your compendium book. I would like to say that the book is fantastic and the images are stunning as a photographer its just what i needed."

A Prince


"I have bought your book ‘Dartmoor Tors’ and just wanted to say thank you. It is so full of information and inspiring to get out there and explore further."

V Howse


"As a Winter Moors walker I have often thought wouldn't it be great to take good large images of all the Dartmoor Tors I have visited? However as I am no photographer and I only walk the north moor it s with utmost admiration that I stumbled across this gorgeous volume by accident. As a privately published labour of love with £2 from every sale going to the National Park it is both informative and user friendly geographically and from an archaeological viewpoint without being polemic. It has images to die for and tables with grid references, altitude and pointers to local points of interest."

N Saintey

"I have just received my book and wanted to congratulate you on the beauty of the photographs! I have already started reading it and love it - it is extremely interesting!"

N Larche


"I consider myself well-travelled on Dartmoor and with an interest going back many years, and this is the best book by far that I've found about the moor. It is a wonderful book centred around, but not solely concentrating on, the tors of Dartmoor. Most of these are presented in a striking mid to low key monotone which works very well at presenting the dramatic and sometimes bleak landscape of Dartmoor. "

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Dartmoor Tors Compendium

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Dartmoor Tors Compendium