DARTMOOR - A Timeless Landscape

Dartmoor National Park Official Visitor Guide

by Josephine M Collingwood

  •  Published July 2018
  •  978-1-9997405-2-8
  •  110pp
  • 185 photographs
  •  Format: Paperback 210x192mm
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Once you start, you’ll never finish. Getting to know Dartmoor is a lifelong habit that’s hard to break. There is so much here; so much to see, do, smell and feel. It is bleak, and beautiful. Accessible, yet also remote. A living, working museum of life, biodiversity and history: Dartmoor awaits you to explore its secrets.


Dartmoor - A Timeless Landscape is the brand new Official Visitor Guide to Dartmoor National Park. It is bursting with 185 photographs showing what Dartmoor has to offer the visitor, including:


  • Geology and Landscape
  • Heritage
  • Habitats and Wildlife
  • Folklore and Customs
  • Towns and Villages
  • Dartmoor Today.


Photographed and written by photographer Josephine Collingwood, who previously produced the best-selling Dartmoor Tors Compendium, it gives a fresh approach to enticing visitors and locals alike to explore the moor more.

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